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Music everywhere and none of it is mine!

So this weekend has been a snowball of realization.

First, I get a text from Randy (From Black Wax Midget) on Thursday that our old drummer is living in town again and wants to jam. I text back, "Sure, when I get time. I am hurtin' for some jam time."

Then on Friday, Tania, from The Ramonalisas, finally posts our EP we did three years ago (http://theramonalisas.bandcamp.com/album/brand-new in case you're interested) and says that our music video from 2 years ago is almost complete.

Then music all weekend has just sounded amazing. Everything. Even the shitty stuff. I feel like I'm letting it get away from me. I'm not, but I'm aching to perform again like never before. It's almost crippling. It's all I think about.

Action can't occur until at least the end of this month. At this point in time I have no time outside of work/school/life.

But dammit, just to be on stage right now, talk about heaven.
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