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Time Capsule/Teenage Fish Bowl

Goodness. Reading back through this thing periodically is like driving several miles down a highway and stopping. You get out, you look back, and you can't tell what you're really looking at, but you know you were there. Very faintly, you can see the tire tracks marring a dirt path you made trying to steer the damn thing back onto the road.

Reading back through other people's is even more interesting, especially when you can piece together where you fell in their story's equation. I think I've said it before, but blogs are going to be archaeological gold in 100+ years, and people aren't going to know what to think of us. Our tire tracks are going to be confounding, and who knows if they'll lead back to the road.

Especially without the context of age. I don't know that my age is really on here. One can probably logically figure it out based on where I'm at in school in my early posts. Still... people of the future probably would want to go back in time and tell us all to harden the fuck up. And, based on what I've written alone on the good ol' LJ, could I blame them?

Hell no.
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