Tank (tank_bass) wrote,

The usual back and forth between the past and the further past

Forgot about the whole "memories" thing so I looked at some of those I had saved. Some good ones in there to say the least.

The big takeaway today though, is how I used to use this thing vs. how I use it later/now. Back then, I used to write very conversationally, as if my blog entries were me talking to a friend and catching them up (which, in a way, it was, on a little larger of a scale). The later it gets, the more it reads like traditional diary entries, kind of like this one. I wonder if that makes a real difference in how I related to what I was writing. Is there a further detachment to this style over the other? Was the old way more therapeutic in some way?

I guess it doesn't matter. It's just an observation. I'm just looking for a place to be me, at the end of the day.

Funny note: Voted in the primary today. It's interesting to see how short the Democrat line was at the poll location. Welcome to Texas, y'all.
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